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April 28, 2018 Modern Wall Decor

Super Modern Wall Decor for Living Room with Stone

Modern Wall Decor for Living Room– Although you do not believe it, this type of decoration is super modern and very elegant. In addition, it is widely used to decorate the wall of a luxury room. Many decorators use stone because it is a hard material and has a touch that helps complement any type of decoration made in a living room. So you, do not stay behind and start decorating the wall of your living room with stone. All human beings know the stone, but we did not know that it is a very expensive material to decorate luxury spaces. Stone is used because it is a natural material and has endless combinations in the decoration of walls.

Artwork For Living Room Walls

Artwork For Living Room Walls

Currently, we have succeeded in showing that the stones are one of the most versatile options for decorating the modern wall decor for living room. Primarily a wall decorated with stone helps absolutely create a focal point with natural style in your living room. Mostly a stone wall can function as a backdrop for your furniture and paintings or also enhance the beauty of the fireplace. If you decide to decorate the wall of your living room with stone, it will be much easier to reflect your style.

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It is very important that you choose the stone as modern wall decor for living room according to the type of decoration you want to make in your room. If you want to create an elegant and modern room, I advise you to decorate the walls with smooth stones created from materials such as granite and marble. But if you want your living room to have a traditional style, you should only decorate the walls with uncut stones stacked. Especially the river stones are used to decorate the walls of a room that has a rustic style.

Decorating the wall of your living room with stone is very favorable because you will improve the style and elegance of the fireplace. If your modern wall decor for living roomhas a fireplace and the decoration you want to make is rustic, the only solution is to decorate the wall with polished and rounded river stones. Frame the fireplace, add a stove with a smooth slate lid and extend the chimney toward the ceiling for a raised focal point. But, if your room has a small fireplace you should wrap the fireplace with a granite wall to give a bright appearance of an urban loft.

With the stone, you will also create a beautiful decorative wall. What you should do is cover the entire wall with marble stone. After that, you must make or draw on the wall three shelves that are not very deep, but that has the form of steps. On the shelves that you make, you must place some decorative element, in such a way that you can enhance the decoration of modern wall decor for living room. You can also put a beautiful fluffy sofa against a slate wall and behind it, you should hang a large tapestry of colors.

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